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If planning, pursuing, or praying for a pregnancy have you covered these things with your doctor?

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We’re here to help you get there. Faster. Rather than dieting like a lightswitch, spending $$$ on supplements and Googling “EWCM photos”, get your own fertility nutrition roadmap from our team of registered dietitians.

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Our guess is you’re too busy making the world a better place to be eating as you ‘should’. That’s fine by us. Our signature sessions at Oh Goodness! Nutrition are designed to give you clarity and confidence that you’re doing everything you can to get pregnant faster.

Fertility nutrition that’s got your back, like you’ve got everyone else’s.

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You’re a busy lady, we know. Digest some of our bite-sized nutrition morsels when you’re out and about (…one too many food references?)

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Help! What prenatal supplements should I be taking?!

Find out which supplements you MUST be taking, and those that you might want to think about taking as you try for a baby.

Tracking your cycle: The what, the why and the how

Even before you start trying for a baby, it pays to know what your cycle is like. If it’s wonky, then you can fix it and save yourself months of disappointment!

5 Simple things to improve your fertility

Not only will these five tips help you get pregnant faster, they will also reduce your bubs’ chances of developing chronic disease. You’re doing your bit for the next generation! Well done!

(sweet) goss from those who’ve been there


Hannah is great! She is determined to find the solution for you as an individual and helps guide you every step of the way. I was so scared of facing my allergies with certain foods and how to avoid them, but Hannah has made every step so easy and with so much care. I highly recommend her to anyone, especially the Endo community!



It was quite overwhelming trying to figure out what I should be doing with my nutrition post birth (especially as a first time mum!), so having someone as knowledgeable as Hannah really helped cut through all that noise. She was so friendly and warm and helped answer my many questions. Would highly recommend.



Hannah makes nutrition super accessible and adaptable. The changes she suggested fitted seamlessly into my life and I don’t feel like I’m missing out on anything. I’m enjoying food and fuelling my day to day life without the stress or guilt I felt before about food choices.


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