Getting you pregnant one bite at a time


Oh goodness, finally. Something you can control.

Baby (on the) brain

Have all the pregnancy announcements got you reaching for the chocolate? Can’t help crying in the shower with each monthly? We feel you. It’s about time you got your dream family; and we’re here to help you get there. Faster. Rather than dieting like a light switch, spending $$$ on pretty (useless?) supplements and Googling “EWCM pics”, get your own fertility nutrition roadmap from our team of registered dietitian’s.

Food, babies, and food-babies

While ‘diet’ might be in our title, our philosophy as dietitian is different to what you might expect. For 97% of you, getting your body pregnancy-ready will mean eating more food than you currently are. *gasp* 

And because I couldn’t resist, here’s another salivating stat: eating more food can increase your fertility by as much as 69%. But before you hoe into a BigMac in the name of health, get yourself a nutritionist to suss it all for you. In full disclosure, my goal is to help babies grow up with less chronic disease (read: asthma, gut issues, diabetes, ezcema et cetera) and the right nutrition for mum can (actually!) do that.

Many eggs, many baskets

Hey future mama, I’m Hannah. I’m terrified of guns and board games. So as long as you’re not going to hold me at gunpoint to play Settlers of Catan, I think we’ll get on just fine. You might want a bit of background: my husband and I struggled to get pregnant for what felt like an eternity. I cried every bloody time Aunt Flo showed up. I became a fertility nutcase, researching everything I could to (try) control the emotional rollercoaster. Some really smart people have studied how food & lifestyle impact fertility. It occurred to me I knew a thing or two about nutrition (on the DL – I studied it for eight years in both the USA and NZ, with a masters degree to boot). Hit fast-forward and I am a mama, with a business of registered dietitians saving women the waiting, disappointment and confusion about getting pregnant. Alongside your doctor, fertility dietitians help you regulate your hormones, get your cycle on track, and get in shape…while eating!


So next time you’re tempted to unfollow that friend for unsolicited baby photos, or punch Aunt Rosa for asking when you’ll have kids, invite us on your fertility journey instead. We’ll help you become a mum with fewer tissues, tampons and torment.

We've been around...

Hey, soul sister

Hannah Eriksen Erickson Ericson Erikson

Hannah Eriksen


What is one thing you can’t live without?
Chapstick. Never!

Where in the world is your happy place?
Lake Tekapo in the South Island of New Zealand. Have you been there?!

What’s your special skill?
Napping any time of day

Client Love


It was quite overwhelming trying to figure out what I should be doing with my nutrition post birth (especially as a first time mum!), so having someone as knowledgeable as Hannah really helped cut through all that noise. She was so friendly and warm and helped answer my many questions. Would highly recommend.



Working with Hannah was a really enjoyable experience as she made me feel like I was getting constant support even outside of sessions, allowing me to always have someone to reach out to when in need. She helped me realise things about myself that I never had unpacked before and I am lucky to have had someone like Hannah to help me through my journey with mindfulness around food and eating habits. I highly recommend getting in touch with Hannah if you are wanting that extra support and guidance.



Hannah is great! She is determined to find the solution for you as an individual and helps guide you every step of the way. I was so scared of facing my allergies with certain foods and how to avoid them, but Hannah has made every step so easy and with so much care. I highly recommend her to anyone, especially the Endo community!


Hannah Eriksen Erickson Ericson Erikson Dietitian Dietician

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