I’m Thinking of Having a Baby: The Podcast


When you decide to start trying for a baby, you don’t want to waste any time. This podcast is packed with proven, effective, nutritious facts so you can get pregnant faster. Oh, and there are some awesome humans who share their own fertility journey’s. Who doesn’t love a good story!

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Episodes to get you started

Help! What prenatal supplements should I be taking?!

Find out which supplements you MUST be taking, and those that you might want to think about taking as you try for a baby.

Tracking your cycle: The what, the why and the how

Even before you start trying for a baby, it pays to know what your cycle is like. If it’s wonky, then you can fix it and save yourself months of disappointment!

5 Simple Things To Improve Your Fertility

Not only will these five tips help you get pregnant faster, they will also reduce your bubs’ chances of developing chronic disease. You’re doing your bit for the next generation! Well done!

Meet your host:

I’m a cat-mum, plant-mum and mum-mum.

My husband and I tried to get pregnant for a long time and nothing was working. It was frustrating and heartbreaking. Never have I hated getting my period more.

As a dietitian, I was doing my own research into what could make our journey easier but there was still a lot I didn’t know.

When we finally managed to conceive (yay!) my focus turned to making sure this very much-wanted baby had the best start in life possible.

It was my journey that led me to use my training as a dietitian to specialise as a certified fertility and pregnancy dietitian and to grow Oh Goodness! Nutrition with a mind to help as many people as possible have their own gorgeous and healthy bubbas.

Random facts that you didn’t want to know:

– I love to forage for food; I know where all the avocado trees are in our neighbourhood

– Faced with a packet of pineapple lumps it will be empty before you can say “can I have one of those?”

– If I could adopt more cats, I would. There was this one time I was taking care of eight! And you’re only a crazy cat lady when you have more than nine. Apparently

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