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Fertility nutrition that’s got your back, like you’ve got everyone else’s

You can get pregnant faster with the right nutrients but our guess is you’re too busy making the world a better place to be eating as you ‘should’.

You need natural, uncomplicated and painless nutrition advice. It’s got to fit in with your lifestyle, be scrumptious and (shock) even fun.

Our tailored nutrition consults steer you in the right direction. Our fertility experts reveal what might be stopping you, and – heart and soul – do their best to give you your bundle of joy.

All of our sessions are virtual, meaning you can rock up in your jammies and we’ll join you. Pyjama party! Currently we’re seeing clients across New Zealand and Australia. If you’re outside Oceania, we can make sure we set our timezones to avoid calling you at 5am.

Do any of these scream “meeeee!”

  • You know you could eat better but have zero idea where to start

  • You’ve been told you have a health condition that affects your fertility

  • Let’s be honest: you’re fed up with the black hole of Google

  • You just want to be pregnant already; you figure you’ve got nothing to lose

  • Your cycles are wonky and you’re not sure if you’re tracking them right

  • You want to get in shape without the faff of dieting

Here’s the (baby-making) process:


First Date


Let’s have a yarn; we get to know you through a million questions. Together we suss a plan and give you bite-sized steps to start – today.


Second Base

Follow Up

With our wholehearted support you are nourished and start to see results.


All the Way

Bundle sessions

We’re invested in you, providing regular guidance, accountability and expertise for ultimate fertility.

First date expectations

  • 1:1 consultation with a fertility dietitian
  • Virtual or in-person, take your pick
  • Be prepared to be asked a million questions (it’s a first date, afterall)
  • A few things to action immediately, so the wheels are rollin’
  • You’ll feel understood, confident, excited and no longer confused about what to do
  • A roadmap of “where to from here?” with a tried and true formula for increasing your baby-making chances
Hannah Eriksen Erickson Ericson Erikson Dietitian Dietician

Keep it real: how much are we talking?

First Date

Nutrition assessment

Hannah $220 for 60 min

Second Base

Follow up

Hannah $160 for 30 min

All the way bundle

Our appointment bundles go easy on your wallet so that you can get further, faster.

Hannah 6x follow-up sessions for $600

Are we coming on too strong and you’re not ready for that kind of commitment?

How do you feel about speed dating?

The Quickie-Fix Call – 15 mins in nutrition heaven

Who’s it for:

  1. Those without any underlying fertility concerns
  2. Best for those who are preparing to start a family
  3. Knowledge is power; be assured you’re doing the best for a healthy family
  4. You want advice from a prenatal expert

What you get:

  1. Reassurance where you’re doing well, identification of nutrition gaps that can be filled
  2. Some easy-to-do strategies to fill those gaps
  3. Bonus checklist of blood tests to cover with your doctor
  4. Note: this does not cover prenatal supplement advice. A nutrition assessment will cover that for you.


How much: $49

What’s the word on the street?


Down to earth, actionable and sustainable nutrition advice and recommendations. Real food for real people based on real research. Would recommend an appointment with Hannah Wilson at Oh Goodness to anyone looking to improve their grocery shop habits, relationship with food or energy levels.



Hannah is a fantastic dietitian! She’s kind and caring and her advice is very practical. For those who are in need of support to have a baby, I’d highly recommend her!



I would strongly recommend seeing Hannah if you are thinking of having a baby, or struggling to get pregnant. Her advice is tailored to you which is exactly what you need. Plus she’s so knowledgeable and caring that she makes the whole process so much easier.


Hannah Eriksen Erickson Ericson Erikson Dietitian Dietician

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